A Women’s Put This On

December 15, 2009

Many more ladies read Put This On than we ever expected.  (Hi ladies!  Thanks for reading!)  Some are shopping for their boyfriends and husbands, some for friends, some just like the pretty pictures.  We welcome them all.

It seems, though, that our blog has whetted their appetite.  We’ve been getting about two emails a week since we launched asking if there was a women’s equivalent, or if we had any plans to start a women’s equivalent.  The answers are: A) we have no idea and B) we are wildly unqualified to do so.  Generally women’s fashion is very different from men’s style for a lot of reasons, and so I don’t know that our perspective would even work in a womenswear context, even if we knew anything about women’s clothes.

So, sorry about that.

If any of you ladies has a good suggestion, feel free to email us, and we’ll share if there’s a preponderance of ideas for anything in particular.