Advanced Style With Photographer William Eggleston

October 20, 2016

Advanced Style with Photographer William Eggleston

Sometimes you come across a dress idiosyncracy that you don’t particularly want to emulate but damn you have to admire the chutzpah. We’ve featured the style of William Eggleston twice before–the legendary photographer obviously has as strong grasp of how he likes things to look–and a recent New York Times profile by Augusten Burroughs shows his style has continued to evolve.

Eggleston is impeccably dressed in what he wears every day: a dark suit
that he tells me was made for him on Savile Row, highly polished black
shoes, a white shirt and an untied bow tie around the neck.

An untied bow tie! Dude leaves the house every day looking like he’s leaving a really good party.

Photo by Wolfgang Tillmans

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