An Affordable Summer Coat

June 2, 2014

An Affordable Summer Coat

People ask us all the time how to dress well in warm weather. Our usual answer is to wear linen and summer wool, and to wear coats with minimal linings to take advantage of those fabrics built-in breeziness.

The problem with that plan is that makers tend to fully line even summer coats, simply because it’s cheaper to cover up unfinished interior seams than it is to finish them. Certainly many brands – particularly the Italians – will sell you real summer clothes, but they can be very expensive. If you can find an unlined blazer, it’s often cotton, which is an improvement over wool, but less than ideal.

Enter Suit Supply. This year, they’re offering a style called “Havana,” which features summer-weight wool and very little lining. The coats are priced at $399, which makes them a really excellent value, given Suit Supply’s solid quality. The blazer above would be particularly useful. Full suits are $599 – so if you’re going to some summer weddings, they’ve got you covered.

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