An Embarassment Of Cufflinks

October 26, 2016

An Embarassment of Cufflinks

I recently took a trip to the United Kingdom – London, England to be specific. My goal in so doing was not to take advantage of the wealth of antique jewels available there, nor was it to make the best of a Brexit-depressed currency situation. Both of those things, though, I did end up doing. I hit dozens of antiques vendors, a huge flea market and walked the length of the city, and brought home a lot of treasures. Especially cufflinks.

Right now in the shop, you can find some of the spoils of my trip. Cufflinks ranging from the casual to the anytime to the impossibly elegant, and in price from $16 to $160. 

Every man should have at least a few pairs of actually attractive links at his disposal, even if only for weddings and the like. Besides that, they make the perfect gift for a classy guy you know. Take a look in our shop today, and use the code LINKED – we’ll ship them to you free.