April Fools, Menswear Edition

March 29, 2012

April Fools, Menswear Edition

Sunday is April Fool’s Day, which reminds me of a funny little story Maurizio Marinella told me when I was in Italy last January. As you may know, Maurizio is the proprietor of E. Marinella, which is perhaps one of the most famous tie companies in the world. During the holiday season, the line at their flagship store goes out the door and around the block. Everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with giving an E. Marinella tie to someone who loves neckwear. 

Well, some customers apparently also save the packaging for April Fool’s Day. They wrap these boxes up and send them to colleagues as gifts. The guy on the other side, of course, gets very excited to see the blue box stamped with “E. Marinella” on the top. When he opens the box, however, he finds some unwearable silk tie with Bugs Bunny’s face or little Hawaiian girls. 

So if you’re looking for a little fun this Sunday …

(Photo from tate.cloths)