Are Masks Just Pocket Squares For Your Face?

July 3, 2020

Difficult times call for difficult questions. This morning, Charleston-based trad clothier Ben Silver sent an email blast for their new product. “Necessity is still the mother of invention!” wrote their copywriter. The product is a mashup of facial masks and pocket squares. Cut-and-sewn from fine Italian cotton, Ben Silver suggests you can wear this on your face or in your pocket. Which made us wonder:

Are masks just pocket squares for your face?

And are pocket squares just masks for your boob?

Our question is inspired by this post at The Cut, where staff writer Amanda Arnold keenly observed that rectangular-shaped bikini tops look a lot like the things we’ve been strapping across our face for the last few months.

But Ben Silver’s accessory is literally a pocket square for your face. So does this make it a literal mask for your boob? Let’s take a look at the product page to learn more:


Sold in packs of three for $65, Ben Silver notes that this classic blue-and-white pattern is perfect for every sport coat or suit pocket. Or your face, unless you have a gingham checked face, at which point this may be too matchy-matchy.

For visual learners, Ben Silver has a video showing how you can convert this pocket square into a facial mask using one swift and easy motion. The most crucial step here is to unfold the pocket square before wrapping it around the part of your face that emits tiny respiratory droplets. Be careful not to stuff the mask into your mouth like a pocket square.

If you have a hamster, the elastic ear loops and wide, pleated body design can also be converted into a cute little hamster hammock.

Ben Silver is donating 10% of these sales to World Central Kitchen, José Andrésa’s non-profit organization devoted to feeding people impacted by natural disasters. Sales also help to keep Ben Silver open, and they’re one of our favorite stores. You can purchase these masks at their website

For serious mask content, check our April 21st post on which kind of mask you should wear. Our sponsors Proper Cloth and Rowing Blazers offer some terrific ones.


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