Artist Geoff McFetridge On Style And DIY Pants

September 16, 2015

Artist Geoff McFetridge on style and DIY pants

Artist Geoff McFetridge on style and DIY pants, via GQ:

I’m really specific about the clothes I wear. It matters to me, and it’s often really boring. Like, I hem my pants in a certain way. I know how to sew because I grew up in the eighties, and in the eighties you went crazy on your pants. Guys who grew up skateboarding were always pegging their pants, making them shorter, and cuffing them. It became a skater thing—you didn’t wear your pants off the shelf. Now I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing a white T-shirt and chinos or a white T-shirt and Levi’s. If I’m uncomfortable, I can’t walk out the door.

McFetridge also says, of the figures in his work, “everyone’s kinda wearing Dickies.”


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