Elegance Among Geeks

April 15, 2010

Elegance among geeks

Our Ghanaian friend Barima has some insights on something we’ve been discussing this week: elegance among geeks.

For someone looking to establish himself as something of an “elegant geek,” a dash of whimsy may see him through. If the department, indeed, the company has relatively relaxed boundaries on colours or print designs, he could wear the odd striped or gingham shirt in tasteful colours. Nothing too loud for reasons of complexion or advancement, I’m sure. He could also consider the style of his accessories – if he owns a nice enough watch that suggests good taste, that’s one way around it. He should also consider texture plays, best deployed through trousers, belts and footwear

However, I think knitwear is his ace. Cardigans and long or short sleeved v-necks in fine wools can take the stead of more formal jackets yet will still look tasteful, smart and responsible. However, they still retain that vital nerd cachet. Muted colours won’t make him conspicuous either

Just my two pence – or pesewas, as we have here in Accra

Well put.  There’s nothing wrong with a little eccentricity.