Behind The Vaults At Levi’s Archive

May 2, 2016

Behind the Vaults at Levi’s Archive

Of all the company archives, Levi’s might be the most impressive. It’s not just about quantity – they have thousands of items from their rich ~150 year old history – but also about scope. Inside their vaults, you’ll find vintage jeans, jackets, sweaters, promotional materials, packaging, and even fabric samples. The company’s designers use those materials to help inform their designs each season (especially those for their Levi’s Vintage Clothing subline). 

Recently, our friends at Heddels had a chance to see what’s behind those vaults. They shot some really cool footage of century-old, patched up denim and even a child’s baseball uniform. You can see the video here.

Also worth a watch: Heddel’s feature on Hinoya and Sunhouse, two Tokyo shops famous for their American-inspired and vintage-repro clothing.

For more archive coverage, check out the story we did on LL Bean

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