Black Friday: Skip It

November 22, 2011

Black Friday: Skip It

This Friday will be Black Friday – the biggest sales day in America.

In my experience, Black Friday is never worth it. I think shopping should be a slow, relaxing, and pleasant experience. You should be able to casually peruse things and take a day, maybe even a week, to come to a decision. If you’re lucky enough to meet a salesperson who is knowledgable about what they’re selling, you should enjoy a chat a learn something about what you’re buying.

Black Friday is the opposite of this. It encourages impulsive shopping and feeds bargain addictions. Salespeople rarely have time to speak to you and people are often scrambling around for whatever they can grab. It’s better, I think, to stay at home and spend time with the family. Enjoy your comfy slippers, have some coffee, and maybe help bake some cookies. Come next Monday, there will be a ton of sales online anyway, and shopping from the comfort of your own home will be more pleasant than standing outside of a boutique at 7am.

If you insist on doing Black Friday, I suggest going to the stores today or tomorrow. If you see something you like, ask one of the Sales Associates if they’ll put it on hold for you until Friday. I’ve found many are willing to, and some will also happily take your credit card information and charge you Friday, thus allowing you to pick up the garment on Saturday, after the madness has ended.

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