Store Review: Bobby From Boston

January 4, 2010

Store Review: Bobby From Boston

Look, if you live within driving distance of Boston, and you have any interest in men’s clothes at all, visit Bobby From Boston.  I’ve heard Bobby will even let you visit his warehouse in Lynn if you ask nicely.  By far the best men’s vintage I’ve ever seen.  Not even close.  And reasonably priced, too.

What you’ll find:

  • A women’s section the size of most vintage stores’ men’s section and a men’s section bigger than most vintage stores’ women’s section.
  • Piles of rep ties.
  • Boxes of pocket squares.
  • Dozens of pairs of great shoes – even in big sizes.
  • Racks of beautiful tweeds.
  • Ivy league sack blazers up to your ears.
  • No polyester, no Halloween costumes.

and if they don’t have it, ask, because maybe he’s got it in the warehouse.

Get your ass over there.