Bow Tie Thursday

May 27, 2010

Bow Tie Thursday

Josh writes:

I wore a bowtie for the first time in December. Learning to tie it made me feel a lot more refined, and I thought it was a dapper selection to go with a sweater. I have since purchased a few more bowties, and got some guff at work at first. The guff slowly morphed into admiration (which was likely there the whole time, only clouded
by the fake guff), so much that now my cohorts have joined me in the bowtie fraternity. I taught them all to tie one, and now we are in the grand tradition of bowtie Thursday. We go out for lunch together, it’s a fun time.

I recommend bowtie Thursday to all as a return to gentlemen acting as gentlemen. The only important thing is to make sure that the bowtie is not treated as a funny selection.

Well done, Josh! 

It’s important to enjoy the clothes you wear.  Many men are self-conscious about doing anything that might suggest they care about their appearance.  Let go of that hangup!  Have fun looking good.  If you enjoy it without pretense, others will come along for the ride.

(PS: I love the expressiveness of this bow, but if it were me, I might shorten it just a bit so the tie ends up a bit smaller.)

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