Bruce Boyer’s Wardrobe Up For Auction

June 14, 2024

Bruce Boyer's Wardrobe Up For Auction

I can’t remember the first time I saw a photo of Bruce Boyer, but I know it was at The Sartorialist, sometime around 2008. Menswear blogs were taking off around then, and The Sartorialist was far and away the biggest site. Scott Schuman, the man behind the camera, photographed stylish people he saw around the world and shared the images with others. Bruce was among the many figures he photographed. I think, but am not sure, the first photo I saw of him was the one you see above.

The thing about Bruce is that his sense of taste has been proven correct with time. Look at any photo of him—the ones published at The Sartorialist or his feature in Free & Easy—and I guarantee you that everyone who saw those photos for the first time was as impressed with his sense of dress as you feel today. Or pick up a copy of some of his earliest books: Elegance (1985) or Eminently Suitable (1990). Some of the makers, clothiers, and artisans recommended in those texts have long since closed—a sad story that continues for many quality retailers today—but all of his advice on how to build a good wardrobe is still relevant.



A few years ago, Bruce was looking to clear out some things from his wardrobe, and I recommended him to one of our sponsors, LuxeSwap. The auctions helped find new homes for things such as bespoke suits and sport coats from leading tailors such as Anderson & Sheppard, Steven Hitchcock, and A. Caraceni; spongey Scottish Shetland sweaters; Spanish Teba jackets; jaunty carpet loafers; and Cording’s trousers. Recently, Matt at LuxeSwap made another trip to Bruce’s home and picked up some new things that are now available on the auction block.

There’s a ton of stuff right now from Brooks Brothers (including yellow cable knits, yellow oxford button-downs, blue linen sport coats); O’Connell’s Shetland knits (my favorite source for Shetland sweaters); Ralph Lauren cashmere cable knits; Drake’s chambrays; and vintage Polo Ralph Lauren hunting coats. There’s also a navy double-breasted jacket from Cheo, a famous bespoke tailor based in New York (unfortunately no longer operating). And some silky neckerchiefs and scarves. In the opening of his book True Style, Bruce advocated for ascots—or at least something to keep your neck upholstered. I was a bit skeptical then, but I have since come around to his view. As always, time proves him to be correct.

If Bruce’s work has shaped your sense of style (as mine has), I think it would be nice to own something from his wardrobe. You can find everything by searching for “Bruce Boyer” in LuxeSwap’s auctions. They’re running for ten days and will end on June 23rd. 

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