Eight Days Of Style

December 21, 2009

Eight Days of Style

Reader Lucy wrote to us to ask that we suggest eight super-basic, affordable Hanukkah gifts for her boyfriend “to replace his stained light-wash jeans and Nine Inch Nails t-shirts.”  We’ll offer one choice for each day the oil burned.

This one’s a splurge, but isn’t he worth it?  Get him a nice cashmere sweater.  A v-neck in a basic color (oatmeal, navy, gray, burgundy) that suits his complexion.  He can wear it all the time.  Don’t let him dry clean it – clean it once a year or so in the sink.  Find one on sale at the mall, or for better quality (all cashmere is certainly not the same) get a used one made in Scotland or England on Ebay.  Even a Ballantyne won’t cost you more than about $40 – and good cashmere just gets softer.