Some Wonderful Photographs Of Naples

July 5, 2011

some wonderful photographs of Naples

Christian Kerber has some wonderful photographs of Naples, a southern city in Italy that is known for its bespoke tailoring. 

Naples’ tailoring has always held a special place in the hearts of menswear enthusiasts. There are a few reasons, but one of them, I think, is that the city holds a lot of “Old World” charm. There is more to bespoke tailoring than just the garments you get – there is the experience. In Naples, you can get luxurious garments made in some of the oldest and most traditional handcrafting methods, but for prices that are far more affordable than what you’d find in London. 

Kerber’s photographs capture the romance of that experience fairly well. Here we see Antonio Panico giving a suit fitting, Maurizio Marinella going over a custom tie order, and some of Anna Mattuozo’s custom shirt patterns. These people are, literally, some of the best in their respective trades. 

Check out the rest of Kreber’s portfolio if you have a chance. The guy is a fantastic photographer.