Here’s A Pro Tip For You

April 8, 2010

Here’s a pro tip for you

Here’s a pro tip for you – Meguiar’s plastic cleaner and polish is a way to help you keep those watches clean.

If you’re like me, your arms are constantly flailing about willy-nilly, striking nearly every piece of concrete, dry wall and plaster they come near.  If your watch crystal is acrylic, this can lead to a lot of dings and scratches.

In the past, I’ve had my watch repair guy buff these out – often if you have a “luxury” watch, purchased new, the store you bought it from will do this for free.  My guy only charges me once in a while, and it’s usually three or four dollars.  It takes ten minutes or so, though, and I’ve recently moved 20 minutes or so from my guy, and when you get as many dings in your watch face as I do, getting in the car every time, driving 20 minutes and paying a few bucks starts to sound like a lousy solution.

Today, while I was walking my dog, I looked at my watch, and found myself annoyed with the scratches in its crystal.  But a moment later, I had a brainstorm.  Meguiar’s!

I drive an old convertible with its original top, and Meguiar’s Clear Plastic Cleaner (17), pictured above and Clear Plastic Polish (10) have been invaluable in keeping my plastic rear window from becoming completely opaque.  I figured if my window was acrylic, and my watch face was acrylic…

It worked, great.  Five minutes with a soft rag and the cleaner and polish, and my watch faces look brand new.  I imagine that if you happen to have a rotary tool (like a Dremel) with a soft cloth polishing head, you could do it in 20 seconds.

Consider yourself PRO TIPPED.

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