Trouble In Cooperstown

November 25, 2009

Trouble in Cooperstown

For many years, I’ve been a customer of The Cooperstown Ballcap Company.  There’s no more quintessential American accessory than the baseball cap, and nobody does it better than these guys.  Their hats are hand-made to your specifications (bill length, crown depth) with almost any logo in the history of organized baseball, not to mention beautiful wool felt and a leather sweatband.  I own four and would be happy to own more – they are a dramatic step up from the New Era stuff at the mall.

But I just got some bad news in my inbox – it appears things are changing in Cooperstown.  They’ll be producing their typical huge variety of custom caps until the end of the year.  Then they’ll be largely shutting down their custom business (making only 20 custom caps a week), and offering only a selection of pre-1960 logos.  They say this is due to a combination of the impending retirement of their head of production and legal issues.

So what can I say?  Make someone’s Christmas dreams come true right now, even if they’re your own.