Craig Sager’s Closet Tour

March 30, 2016

Some heart breaking news about Craig Sager, who recently announced that his leukemia is no longer in remission. Doctors give him an estimated three to six months to live – although Sager plans to be around for much longer. Not total wishful thinking either. Apparently the estimate is for patients who don’t receive treatment, which Sager will be getting from some of the best doctors in the world.

Fans and athletes alike have shown an outpouring of support for their favorite sports broadcaster. HBO also recently ran a special on Sager, which includes a tour of his closet (a clip of which you can watch above). For all the flak Sager has gotten for his clothing choices, you have to admire a man who’s found his personal style and stuck to it.

My favorite line from Sager about his clothes: when Kevin Garnett asked him what was his motivation for choosing a turquoise suit that day, Sager answered: “To wake up!”

Probably the best reason to wear anything.

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