Denim Shorts

February 10, 2016

Amy Leverton, author of Denim Dudes, has a series of short videos on her YouTube channel documenting various people in the denim industry and their takes on personal style. I particularly like the feature above, which shows managing editor David Shuck in a vintage CWU 45/P flight jacket he picked up from the Rose Bowl flea market, along with a Kapital shirt, LVC jeans, and some WWII boondocker reproduction boots. Pretty simple, but really well-executed.

Other notable shorts: tailor Scott Boyd-Errol is seen wearing a bunch of rugged workwear pieces he’s personalized through customizations and repairs, while trend forecaster Jessica Gebhart is shown in a vintage French painters coat, vintage Levis 501s (five sizes too big for effect), and some Dr. Martens.

New videos will be posted every few weeks as Amy travels around the world, working on her new book Denim Dudettes (which will be a follow-up to Denim Dudes). While you wait for new videos and the book, you can follow her on Instagram.