Dress Code For Power Brunching

January 5, 2016

Dress Code for Power Brunching

How should you dress for power brunching? The NYT has a nice feature on the Four Seasons Restaurant in midtown Manhattan, where wheelers and dealers, movers and shakers, bankers and advertising execs have been dining for years. Apparently, the restaurant is moving from their historic Seagram Building location this year, so patrons are trying to get their last few meals in.

An excerpt:


Occupation: Managing partner of the Four Seasons Restaurant

Do you often go double breast?

Yes, I think it’s very elegant. Alan Flusser makes all my suits.

Have you been going to him for a long time?

About 40 years.

Your shirt-tie combo, did you put some thought into that?

Very little today. Most times I wear grey or blue suits, so most of my shirts are white or blue combinations. Today, I’m not working dinner, so I permitted myself to go button-down.


Occupation: Investment banker

Your shirt, your tie: they’re quite bright for an investment banker.

Well, today is the day of our company’s Christmas celebration. So I dress for the occasion.

So you wore a nice red plaid. Where is your tie from?
My tie and my shirt are from Turnbull & Asser.

Do you have them made for you?

The shirt was made for me and the tie I bought off the rack. Because as you can see, it’s quite short and if I had the tie made for me, being 6-foot-5, it would be a lot longer.


Occupation: Former diplomat

May I ask you where your suit is from?

My what?

Where did you get your suit?

I have no idea.

How was lunch?

I think we’ve done enough.

O.K. Thanks so much.

You can read the rest here.