Dress Fancy

December 31, 2014

Dress Fancy

The very talented Rose Callahan – photographer extraordinaire and the author behind I am Dandy – runs a site called Last Night at the Met. As the name suggests, it’s a style blog about people who recently attended the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. If you need some inspiration to figure out what to wear tonight, there are some great photos here for you. 

If you’re going somewhere formal, put on black tie rig (we have guides, if you need). For something a little less dressed-up, try a dark suit made special through some French cuffs and nice cuff links. If it’s cold where you live, you can wear a fur-collared coat, which will ensure that you’ll have as much fun on your way to the event as you will there. 

For something less formal still, try a casual suit with a thin, merino turtleneck underneath (I find turtlenecks work better on some guys than others, but you can judge for yourself in the mirror). 

Or maybe use tonight to be a little more playful. Perhaps a casual suit paired unusual accessories, or even – gasp! – a sport coat with patterned trousers. Even a stuffy conservative dresser such as myself can loosen up on New Year’s Eve.

Whatever you do, dress fancy.