Dressing For New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2012

Dressing for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is here, and it’s one the few occasions men can dress to the proverbial nines without feeling out of place. If you’re going to a ball tonight, go out in black tie. For that, you can read Jesse’s post, Kiyoshi’s series, or Peter Marshall’s Black Tie Guide (a rather extensive resource on the subject). If you’re headed to a nice restaurant or bar, show up in a dark navy suit, crisp white shirt, and shiny black oxfords. You can accent your ensemble with a navy or black satin four-in-hand necktie and a white silk pocket square. If you need something less formal still, reach for the tried and true navy hopsack sport coat, grey flannel trousers, freshly polished black oxfords, and a crisp, white, semi-spread collar shirt. Mark the occasion as being special with a black bow tie and white pocket square.

However you do it, dress up for New Year’s Eve. As Paolo said at Suitology (the latest addition to my short list of favorite menswear blogs): “Any reason to get drunk is always also a reason to get dressed properly.” Indeed. 

Happy New Years!

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