EBay Round Up

August 12, 2011

eBay Round Up

I listed some “Oliver Peoples sunglasses” last week and just found out that they’re actually not by Oliver Peoples (though the seller called them deadstock O’Malleys, and they’re clearly made to look like Oliver Peoples’ O’Malleys). My sincere apologies to anyone who ordered those. Luckily, the seller accepts returns, and Paypal also offers you protection in case you want to open a case against the seller. For those who might consider keeping them, I really encourage you not to. Cheap sunglasses don’t offer good UV protection and you can actually do permanent harm to your eyes by wearing them, more so than by just not wearing sunglasses at all. 

In happier news, one of my favorite sellers on StyleForum has some new items up. These are most certainly authentic, so be sure to check them out: Borrelli jacket, Boglioli jacketEdward Green shoes

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