EBay Round Up

August 10, 2012

eBay Round Up

Our friend Giuseppe at An Affordable Wardrobe has a bunch of new four-in-hand neckties and bow ties for sale. We encourage you to check them out. His online shop, like his blog, is dedicated to helping men find good items at affordable prices. As his blog’s masthead states: “penury is not an excuse.”

Below are our eBay finds for today. If you’d like to find more items, try using our custom search links for high-end suitsgood suitshigh-quality shirts and fine footwear. You can narrow those searches further by using eBay’s search filters (located on the left hand side of their page). That way, you can filter out not only the junk on eBay, but also things that aren’t in your size. 

Suits, sport coats, and blazers
Sweaters and knits
Shirts and pants

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