EBay Round Up

April 27, 2012

eBay Round Up

This seller is selling some really nice Drake’s ties (even though the photos are terrible). They’re all tasteful, conservative patterns that are elegant and easy to wear, and given that they’re made by Drake’s, you know they’re of top-notch quality. Pick something with a bit of light blue or white in the pattern, and they’ll be even easier to match to a shirt or some other accessory. 

I also like many of the things we have today in the outerwear and footwear sections. To find other good auctions, you can use our custom search links for excellent suitsgood suits, and high-end footwear. They’re designed to cut through most of the chaff on eBay. Be sure to use the sizing filters on the left to narrow the searches further. 

Suits, sport coats, and blazers
Sweaters and knits

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