EBay Roundup

November 29, 2013

eBay Roundup

Check out all the stuff we found on eBay this week, such as this Barbour Ursula jacketgrey Shaggy Dog sweater, and navy Nigel Cabourn jacket. OK, the last one is super expensive, but nice to look at. For something very affordable, I have a few striped canvas totes from the Hudson’s Bay Company left. They’ve been discounted to a holiday price of $22 (down from $30). Grab one as a stocking stuffer. They look great, and would be quite useful for lugging stuff around (like all the food you brought yesterday to a family Thanksgiving dinner). 

If you’d like to find more great auctions on eBay, try using our customized search links. We’ve made them for high-end suitsgood suitshigh-quality shirts and fine footwear

Shirts and pants
Bags, briefcases, and wallets

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