EBay Roundup

September 18, 2012

eBay Roundup

I was just wearing a dark brown version of these chukkas the other day and appreciating what nice boots they are for fall. Pebble grained and built on a round toe last, these are shaped but not overly sleek. They’re nice, rustic ankle boots that go well with heavy woolen trousers, flannel shirts, and some kind of sweater, which is what I was wearing mine with over the weekend (nights in the Bay Area have already gotten chilly). The price the seller set them at is a bit high, but on the upside, they’re also new.  

If you don’t find anything here that suits your fancy, remember that you can always dig up more auctions with our customized search links for high-end suitsgood suitshigh-quality shirts and fine footwear. Do a little poking around and you’re bound to find something nice. 

Suits, sport coats, and blazers
Sweaters and knits
Shirts and pants
Bags, briefcases, and wallets

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