EBay Roundup

April 14, 2017

eBay Roundup

Nice clothes can be painfully expensive these days. So twice a week, we roundup the best of menswear on eBay to help our readers find the best deals. If you’d like an extra roundup each week, along with a list of the best store sales, subscribe to our Inside Track. A weekly newsletter gets delivered straight to you every Saturday for just $5/ month.

Some favorites today: Paul Smith suede side zip boots, Master Piece Potential backpack, and lots of Justo Gimeno Teba jackets in various sizes. The Teba jackets are something like a slightly more casual alternative to sport coats. They have a bit of padding in the shoulders, as well as a fused chest. The construction makes these hang like a tailored jacket, but the cut is closer to a chore coat. Good for weekend afternoons with chinos and loafers

To dig up more menswear gems, try using our customized eBay search links. We’ve made them so you can quickly hone-in on high-end suits, good suits, high-quality shirts and fine footwear.


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