EBay Roundup

March 14, 2014

eBay Roundup

There are a number of vintage-repro style jackets in today’s roundup, such as Himel Brothers piece. That one is modeled after the A1 “Cossack” style jackets that were popular in the 1920s, especially among motorcyclists. Rin Tanaka has a few examples of those early 20th century designs in his book Motorcycle Jackets: A Century of Leather Design (I’ve included two photos from that book above).

Just for kicks, you can admire this similar jacket, once sold at Self Edge until recently. That one too was made by Himel Brothers, but it had a buttoned front, rather than zipped. 

Also, as you know, you can always dig up more items on eBay using our customized search links. They won’t help you find awesome leather jackets like the one Jesse found, but they’ll help you find high-end suitsgood suitshigh-quality shirts and fine footwear

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