Ebbets Field Flannels Custom Models

June 21, 2013

Ebbets Field Flannels custom models

Fortunately for those of us who like to wear ballcaps but don’t care for the synthetic fabrics and full crowns of the imported pro model caps, makers like Ebbets Field Flannels and Ideal Cap Co offer lots of well-built and handsome options. Assuming you missed out on the Put This On Cooperstown Ballcap (and even if you have one of those, who can’t use another cap?), Ebbets is a great option—whether you want a plain cap, a custom cap, or a choice from dozens of college, independent league, Negro League, or other organizational design. I’ve compiled a (not exhaustive) list of the custom Ebbets-made caps I’ve seen for sale this season.

  • Ebbets, the best source for historically accurate caps.
  • J. Crew. Adjustable. Nashville Vols, Montreal Royals, Brooklyn Eagles.
  • Stussy. Adjustable. Custom “S” design.
  • YMC. Adjustable. Several custom designs including Liberty fabrics and leopard.
  • The Knottery. Adjustable. Custom “#” hashtag design.
  • Imogene + Willie. Adjustable. Custom “+” design.
  • BAPE. Yep. Fitted. Leather letters.
  • Inventory. Adjustable and fitted. Several custom, no-logo makeups.
  • Teranishi. Adjustable camp cap with Horween chromexcel strap. (Unfortunately sold out at the moment.)
  • Oi Polloi. Adjustable and fitted. Several custom, no-logo makeups.
  • Independence Chicago. Fitted. Custom “I” design.
  • The Classroom, Houston. Adjustable. Custom “H” design.
  • Dam and Sire (pictured). Adjustable. Several custom designs.
  • Del Toro. Adjustable. Del Toro logo.
  • Brooklyn Circus. Adjustable. B/elephant logo.
  • Nothing Major. Fitted or adjustable. Several styles.
  • Only NY. Fitted. Script “O” (on sale).