“Fresh Dressed” A History Of Hip-Hop Fashion Sacha Jenkins In Conversation With Jesse

June 30, 2015

Sacha Jenkins is a legend in the world of hip-hop journalism. He helped create Ego Trip, the best rap magazine ever, and edit their books, Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists and Ego Trip’s Big Book of Racism, which are two of the best things ever.

These days, he runs Mass Appeal magazine, but he’s also a filmmaker. His new documentary is called “Fresh Dressed,” and it’s a history of hip-hop fashion. It starts with the Warriors-esque gangs of 1970s New York, continues through Run DMC and Dapper Dan, heads into streetwear’s inception and explosion, and all the way to the present day. Sacha’s a uniquely insightful guy who argues, essentially, that “hip-hop is another word for black survival.”

I interviewed Sacha for my public radio show, Bullseye. You can listen to the interview above, or grab it free in iTunes or your favorite podcasting app. Just search for Bullseye.

The movie’s in theaters and on-demand right now.