GQ April 1966

March 16, 2015

GQ April 1966

Posted mostly to note the subhead “Comeback: The Thirties Look” and the fact that 1966 was significantly closer to 1930 than we are in 2015 to 1966. An equivalent subhead today would be the eighties look.

Check out the Suits of James Bond, who has excerpted quotations from Connery’s tailor (Anthony Sinclair) from the cover story. 

I make clothes in the classic English tradition. I won’t make exaggerated, flamboyant clothes. I make only a Savile Row style. Nor
will I put in any gimmicks. The only comment I want about my suits is
that they are elegant. And I’ve given Connery the same cut I’ve given
every customer all my tailoring life.


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