Grailed Opens New Market For Classic Menswear

November 9, 2017

Grailed Opens New Market for Classic Menswear

Grailed has been a great new marketplace for menswear enthusiasts. While we’re longtime fans of eBay, it can be hard to find stuff there without using pre-designed search filters (which is why we have our eBay roundups, to help readers find the good stuff). There’s also a bit of trading still happening on the buying-and-selling sections of menswear forums, but they can be hard to navigate – sort of like trying to find a cool jacket on Craigslist.

The great thing about Grailed is that it’s a user-driven community of menswear enthusiasts, with a sizable team on the backend to help sort listings between the site’s mainpage, Core, and Hype subsections (the last two being for basics and hyped streetwear, respectively). The site’s unique interface also makes it easy to serendipitously find things you may not have known about as you’re scrolling through the site. All in all, the site just makes it easier to find find great things for your wardrobe.

Today, Grailed is launching their newest subsection, Sartorial, which is for tailored clothing and classic menswear. Brands such as Alden and Crockett & Jones have always thrived on the site, but the marketplace has been generally geared towards the casual side of the spectrum – more niche designer jackets from Japan, rather than something you can wear to a conservative office. Grailed’s new Sartorial subsection is looking to change that by consolidating all the tailored and classic menswear into one place. And they’ll be supporting it with editorial content on their blog (the first photo above is a preview of their story on Cucinelli, which is scheduled to go up tomorrow).

Note, as with any of these sites, you’ll want to smartly employ the search filters in order to drill down on things that’ll work for you. Grailed also allows you to save your searches so you don’t have to click through all the options the next time you visit. You can see the Sartorial subsection here.

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