Greeting Summer Head-On

July 22, 2014

Greeting Summer Head-On

I will admit it: I hate summer. I come from San Francisco, where summer is two mild weeks in mid-September. I melt in the heat, even here in Los Angeles, where the high temperatures are ameliorated by dry air. I spent a few summers in Washington DC, so I understand that hot can really be hot.

When I don’t have any appointments and the mercury hits about 84, I put on shorts. Sometimes, though, I have people to meet. In those times, well, a bit of head-on goes a long way. Today was one of those days. Interview (with the great comedian Todd Glass) in the afternoon. Temperatures in the mid-80s. So I threw on this new suit, which features – wait for it – checked seersucker.

Frankly, it’s a little ridiculous. But when it’s this hot, who cares?

(Photo by Noe Montes)