High Rise With Pleats

December 11, 2013

High Rise with Pleats

I love this photo of our friends over at The Armoury. The guy on the right is Jake, who’s wearing a pair of high waisted, grey flannel trousers built with single pleats. All too often, I read bloggers and fashion writers say that high-waisted trousers and pleated pants should be categorically avoided, or that you should only wear pleats if you’re a heavy set man. That’s a bunch of nonsense. You’d be surprised how good both can look if the tailoring is done well. 

One upside to having a higher rise is that your shirt and belt don’t peek out when your jacket is buttoned, as your trouser’s waistline will be closer to your jacket’s buttoning point. That said, a higher-rise can look great when the jacket is open or closed, as evidenced by Alan and Jake above. 

(photo via lnsee)

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