Q And Answer: How To Wear Dress Shirts With Knitwear?

December 15, 2009

Q and Answer: How to Wear Dress Shirts with Knitwear?

Aaron writes to ask us:

How does one go about layering dress shirts with sweaters? I’ve worn polo and dress shirts under v-neck sweaters with the top button undone and it looks okay.
But how do you wear a crew neck sweater with a dress shirt?

Some basic guidelines –

  • A shirt and tie go with a v-neck or cardigan only.
  • A collared shirt goes fine with a crew neck or v-neck, though it can be tough to corral your collar in a v-neck if it isn’t a button-down.  Unless you’re making a fashion statement, unbutton the top button.
  • A polo is warm-weather active clothing, and looks a bit silly under a sweater.
  • T-shirts and sweaters aren’t a particularly elegant combination (again: if it’s so hot you’re wearing a t-shirt, why is it so cold you’re wearing a sweater?), but a plain t-shirt is fine with a crew or v-neck in a very casual context.
  • Avoid combining printed t-shirts with v-necks.

(Photo via Flickr user UncleSteve)

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