How You Dress, And How You Are Treated

June 1, 2017

How you dress, and how you are treated

“I feel like this world judges you from the outside, so if I walk into a store with a hoodie on, the response I get… you already know. If I walk in casually with a suit on, I get, ‘Excuse me, sir. Can we help you with anything?’ It’s a whole different experience. I liked that experience and I got addicted to it, so it’s like when Superman runs up into that phone booth and throws on the cape and comes out with his chest sticking out and his back straight. That’s how I feel when I have on a suit or nice clothes on. It doesn’t matter if I have the cash in my pocket.”

-Avery Baxter, star of the viral “street plant dad” instagram video (note: NSFW language), in an interesting and intense interview with Jenkem magazine. While the relevant note here is ostensibly about how dressing well can lead to self confidence and a good first impression, how ridiculous is it that a guy feels like he needs to wear a suit to get treated decently in a store?

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