If You Have A Gut.

August 16, 2010

A lot of people write me asking about what to do about their guts.  Some are skinny with big guts, some are fat with big guts.  Some are in the process of losing weight, some are not.  All are self-conscious about how their guts make them look.

There’s a pretty simple answer to this problem: wear a coat.  Especially a coat that’s part of a suit.

Men’s tailored clothing is built to make your form look good.  A well-cut coat will make a dramatic difference in how you look.  When that coat is part of a suit, your middle is de-emphasized by the matching fabric of pant and jacket.

If that doesn’t fit your shorts and a t-shirt lifestyle, sorry.  But it works.

And by the way: this works for shapely people, too.