The Phenomenon Of 2000s Street Style Photography

September 21, 2015

I’m always amazed and horrified by the way the fashion industry can invent a trend, sell the trend, launch or destroy careers on the backs of said trend, annihilate trends that do not perfectly align with the newly invented trend, and then kill that trend at the height of its mainstream adoption in order to introduce a new trend, all in the service of selling, sure, magazines, or pants, or purses, but really in the service of maximizing the profit inherent in an idea. There is more money to be made by placing a commodity juuuuuusttt out of reach and then selling a very long stick for the average person to swipe it with, and then, right at the last moment, knocking it off the shelf to replace it with something new.

Haley Mlotek writing in the Hairpin about the phenomenon of 2000s
street style photography
–and the hollowness of the concept that has led to its increasing irrelevancy.