Q And Answer: Indochino Suits – Worth Buying?

March 23, 2010

Q and Answer: Indochino Suits - Worth Buying?

Michael writes:  Have you heard of Indochino? The prices are tempting, as is the customization. Any thoughts?

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth about Indochino on the men’s clothing message boards lately.  They offer a pretty compelling proposition: a made-to-measure suit, over the web, for less than $400 (or even less, given their frequent sales).

I haven’t tried any of Indochino’s pieces myself (not that I’d turn one down, hint hint), but a consensus seems to be building on the forums.  The suits are made from fabric that would best be described as of “fair” quality, and their workmanship is similarly acceptable-but-unremarkable.  That said, they do offer at least surface-level markers of quality (horn buttons, full canvassing), I’ve read nothing but great things about their customer service, and they offer a credit to have a local tailor adjust your suit if it isn’t to your liking when it arrives.  There are certainly things that you might not be able to measure on yourself, like say shoulder pitch, that are tough to adjust post-facto, but most fit issues should be addressable either in the measuring or by an in-person tailor.

So: if you’re comfortable hunting for bargains, and you’re not too tough to fit, there are probably better values out there.  At that price point, you can probably get a better-made suit at a discounter like the Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off 5th.  However, if you’re particularly tough to fit, and working with a tight budget, this looks like a great option for you.  I think it’s also a good option for more casual and summer suits – cotton and seersucker, for example – an alternative to the usual J-Crew-on-sale and H&M options for knockaround suits.

(note: as of this writing, Indochino are running a 25% off special, plus one free shirt and one free accessory, with the code REDFLAGDEAL)