Inspiration From Inspiration

July 4, 2016

Inspiration from Inspiration

Workwear and Americana expo Inspiration has some great portraits on their site of previous attendees and exhibitors. Readers who frequent workwear blogs may see some familiar faces: Himel Brothers’ David Himel, Brooklyn Circus’ Ouigi Theadore, and DenimBro member Marques Eaton.

Some things I like:

  • David Himel’s “grizzly” jacket, a popular 1930s motorcycle style named for its combination of heavy horsehide and mouton. David’s jacket has tuck-away pockets and a rounded Cossack-style collar (you can see another photo of it here). Presumably available as a custom order through his company Himel Brothers, although a similar style can also be had through Aero.
  • I mostly wear small, rolled-up cuffs on my jeans, but heavy workwear often demands something bigger. The gentleman in the first photo even has his rolled up a little higher to show off his boots. Sometimes I do something similar with ankle boots, although I roll mine so that the edge just brushes the top of the boots when I’m sitting down. High enough to show off some shoes; low enough not show any leg when seated.
  • Hats! Including Western styles. I’m not totally convinced that I can pull off a Stetson Open Road, but I’d by lying if I said I haven’t visited that product page a few times. For something less aggressively styled, consider Lock & Co’s Rambler.

For more portraits, visit Inspiration’s website. The photo pages are slow to load, so if you’re having problems, know you can view the same photos on their Facebook page. We’ve also covered a bunch of their shows in the past.