Introducing Style & Fashion Drawings

February 3, 2016

Introducing Style & Fashion Drawings

We have a fun new series at Put This On.  

Once a week, we’ll be posting illustrations from Ryan Cecil Smith and Graeme McNee, the two creators behind Style & Fashion Zine. Readers may remember the title from last year, when Jesse reviewed it. He described the comic series as a mix of “Dan Clowes, a fashion student’s moleskin, and one of those product-dense Japanese fashion magazines.” Which is pretty much perfect. 

Style & Fashion Drawings will be the same. Each week, Ryan & Graeme will be taking turns illustrating some of the outfits they see in their cities (Ryan being in Los Angeles, California; Graeme in Kobe, Japan). This will be something like a street style post, but in illustrated form and with some short commentary. 

If you like their work, be sure to follow them online. Both Ryan and Graeme have their own websites, where you can buy their illustrated zines and prints, and Ryan is on Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, they still have a few copies of Style & Fashion Zine left, which they’re selling for just $9. 

Oh, and the first installment to Style & Fashion Drawings? Coming up later today.