Refreshingly Level-headed Advice About Leather Jackets

October 13, 2015

Refreshingly level-headed advice about leather jackets

“It’s hard for me to talk about the designer stuff, because on the one hand I wear it, and sometimes I get hooked up a little bit, but a lot of kids read these things about the culture we’re a part of and tend to fetishize it. I think that it’s all about style. Honestly, if I had time to go get only vintage, and if I had an amazing alterations person that was there every week for me to take the sleeves in and make the arm holes higher, and if I wasn’t on tour like 200 days out of the year, I would do that. There’s just a convenience — I’m really tall and skinny, and it just so happens Saint Laurent fits my body type. I think the example you want to set is ‘go for authenticity.’ If you got it like that and you can get the two-tone Saint Laurent joint, then get it, but that doesn’t give you a ticket to flyness. You can totally see somebody else on the L train might be killing it in a $60 thing from Beacon’s Closet. […] The clever kids on a budget — they always outdo everybody. ”Dave Macklovitch, giving refreshingly level-headed advice about leather jackets in his interview at Complex