It’s On

May 28, 2011

It’s on

I like the fact that this post is going to reward people who spend their Friday nights at home surfing menswear blogs. Your dedication is rewarded. 

Three good deals at right now:

Superga 2750 Classic for $29.99: My favorite plimsoll. I wrote about them for the Five Days of Summer series. I think they retail between $65 and $90, normally. Oh, and they also have them in navy and camel for the same price.

Tom Ford aviator sunglasses for $149.99: These typically retail for $300. They’re one of the best aviators out there, in my opinion. I hate to do “celebrity styling” shots, but this photo of Brad Pitt gives a decent sense of how they would look when worn (assuming the shape of your face is similar to his). A Head Long Dive also made a good post about them last year.

Timex Easy Reader for $22.49: Again, something I wrote in my Five Days of Summer series. Not that big of a savings here, as this normally retails for about $35, but I wanted to include three things to round this post out, so here you go.