It’s On Sale: Accessories At The Gentlemen’s Corner

January 19, 2014

It’s On Sale: Accessories at The Gentlemen’s Corner

The sale inventory at The Gentlemen’s Corner is a bit decimated at this point, but there are still some nice things left by quality companies such as Sozzi, Drake’s, and Calabrese. From Drake’s alone, there are lambswool gloves for $19.50, pocket squares for $33.64, scarves for $41.44, and neckties for $51.18.

The only problem? The shipping charge is a bit high, so if you’re only ordering one item, you might want to check the prices against Drake’s sale (don’t forget deductions for European taxes, which will be taken off at checkout). If you’re ordering more than one item, however, this could be a nice opportunity to get some quality accessories at lower prices. 

(Pictured above: some of the Drake’s ties still left)