Kapital’s Guide To London

December 4, 2017

Kapital’s Guide to London

Eric Kvatek, the photographer behind Kapital’s lookbooks, wrote an incredible guide taking readers through the best of vintage menswear shops and small eateries in London. Most London menswear guides will probably talk about Savile Row – a street with tremendous heritage and world-class tailoring – but this one is a nice guide to smaller and, at times, more affordable boutiques. There’s even a peek at The Vintage Showroom (OK, that one is super expensive), where many designers have gone to get inspiration for their collections.

You can read Kvatek’s guide here. We also interviewed him a few years ago for Put This On. And, lastly, for those who like Kapital and Nigel Cabourn’s aesthetic, the main writer behind Ponytail Journal, Lauren Yates, does a wonderful womenswear line in the same spirit called W’menswear.