Kevin McDonald

August 20, 2010

Kevin McDonald: Three things I remember about the video: The song was amazing, and I bought the album and ended up becoming a big fan. The food was the best food on any set ever. It was every food in the world, from pasta to chicken to fruit and lobster—it was the best food ever on a set. I’m a vegetarian, but just to smell it was great. And Andre 3000. [Laughs.] You had to bring your own clothes and I didn’t have a tie, and I was playing the principal. After the first take, Andre 3000 came up to me with a tie—and he’s a small guy, even though I’m not so tall—and he had to stand on his toes and put the tie around me, and he said, “There, that looks better. By the way, you’re being very funny.”

(Thanks, Brian)