Kiton On Vente-Privee

March 17, 2013

Kiton on Vente-Privee

Kiton’s probably the world’s finest men’s ready-to-wear brand, and their goods are priced accordingly. You can easily spend more on a Kiton suit off the rack than you might at a Savile Row tailor.

The folks at Vente-Privee are offering Kiton goods at deep discounts, at the moment, mostly about 65% off. It’s a great deal, if you’ve got the scratch. There are some suits and sport coats at just under $2000, and some cashmere at about $350.

If you haven’t got an account, try our referral link. If you do, it’s worth a gander just to see a few of the craziest retail prices imaginable. I’m trying to imagine a world where I walk into Saks and buy a pair of $1500 corduroy trousers… it boggles the mind.

But seriously: if you’ve got the money, great deals on gorgeous stuff.

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