Great Customer Service At Lands’ End Canvas

November 16, 2009

After posting about Lands’ End Canvas last week, I decided to place a trial order with them.  My younger brother’s in college and desperately needs some clothes, so I thought I’d buy him some desert boots for Christmas.  I ordered him a pair in size 13, and went about my business.

I happened to call my brother today, and in passing asked him his shoe size.  Turns out the freak has size 14 feet (holy crap!).  “Sometimes,” he tells me as though the statement is not an absurdism, “I can squeeze into a 13 ½.”

So I looked up my order confirmation in my inbox, and called the 800 number.  A friendly woman answered after one ring, and I told her my order number and problem.  “Unfortunately, we don’t carry that shoe in 14,” she said, “but I can cancel your order if you like.”

“Great."  I replied, expecting to have to give her my credit card number over again or something.

"Thanks so much for shopping with us.  So sorry it didn’t work out.”

And that was it.  It took maybe three minutes, total, tops.  No robots, no hassles, just a friendly lady who answered in person after the first ring.

Customer service.  Love it.  Way to go, Lands’ End.