Q And Answer: Laundering Dress Shirts

June 1, 2010

Q and Answer: Laundering Dress Shirts

Nick asks: Quick question for you. Since it’s the summer time, my dress shirts usually need washing after one wear (it’s been 90 the past few days). However, I just don’t feel right throwing any dress shirt on the floor or in the laundry hamper with my other dirty stuff (exercise clothes, underwear). It just doesn’t seem right. Am I holding my dress shirts in high too high regard, or is there a better way to store them after wearings but before washings? Thanks so much!

This is the same bizarre compulsion that leads men to send their dress shirts out for cleaning.  I don’t understand it.  It is fine to put your dirty laundry in the laundry hamper.

If you want to take care of your dress shirts, wash them yourself.  Feel free to wash them cold and delicate, and use a bit of OxyClean spray on the collars if you’re prone to ring around the collar.  While men wash many garments too frequently, dress shirts should be washed every time you wear them.  They will benefit from being hung to dry, but using the drier will be fine.